East Yorkshire Insurance Brokers

Summer Newsletter

Welcome to the summer newsletter of East Yorkshire Insurance Brokers. These last couple of months have been a very busy but productive period for us and just like the weather we have some hots news for you!

Marketing Letters

Have you received our marketing letter?

We have recently sent these to a variety of businesses across East Yorkshire with an EYIB Pen, leaflet and business card.

If your insurance is up for renewal call us today on 01482 968115 for a free review.

EYIB and Croner host HR Presentation

In the HR Presentation we discussed all things HR including employment contracts and much, much more.

It’s great to be able to offer these types of benefits to our clients in addition to the usual public liability and other insurance products.

Many thanks to Bel Turpin with Turpin Accounting Services, Steve and Amy Dean with 360 Office Ltd, Ashley Hagyard with National Events & Hilary Hamer with Rooted in Hull for attending, a big thank you also to Hull Youth Support Trust for hosting us!

If you haven’t already, go check out this blog by Croner about HR top tips.

If you’re interested in attending a future HR presentation, please let us know.

Have you checked out our website recently?

If you haven’t you should.

We have updated the website with new information for all of the services we provide.
Each service page has detailed information about that type of insurance and how we can help you find the most suitable insurance for your business.

If you would like to look at our updated website then click here and we would love to hear some feedback. 

Below is just one of our many updates we have done on our website.

Contractors Insurance Blog

What is Contractors All Risk Insurance?
Contractors all risks is a flexible insurance policy which allows policyholders in the construction industry to add the relevant insurance policies to their cover.

We have recently uploaded a blog that explained contractors insurance and the importance of having it. 

To know more about contactors all risk insurance go check out the blog by clicking on the image above or here

Social Media Posts

Over the Summer you may have noticed a change in our social media. This post is just a snippet of what we have been posting. if you don’t already follow our social media pages, click the images above, and please give us a follow, like and comment!